Padma Samye Ling Retreat Center and Monastery (Inconceivable Lotus Land)
is located in Delaware County in upstate New York. Set near the top of a mountain in the western region of the Catskill mountains, the outstanding facilities are contained within five hundred acres of forests, meadows, and natural springs.
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Three Kaya Gompa
The traditional Tibetan Three Kaya Gompa (temple) of Padma Samye Ling is replete with traditional murals and sacred art which embody the blessing treasure of the authentic lineage.
Retreat Center
The Retreat Center hosts group, personal and work retreats throughout the year, as well as an annual Shedra. A common area and dining hall are contained in the Sangha House. Accommodations are encompassed through the Bodhicitta Inn, which includes dormitory rooms and patron apartments, as well as camping sites on the monastery grounds.
Gompa interior
Gompa exterior
Patron Apartment
The Bodhicitta Inn
The Sangha House