Located in Shravasti, India, Padma Samye Jetavan is now home to The Miracle Stupa. Jetavan Grove was the place where the Buddha resided after his enlightenment. In total, twenty-five rainy-season retreats were held there, and so Shravasti became the Buddha's main residence where his teachings were well established.

Many scholars and philosophers, people both rich and poor, and aristocrats became disciples of the Buddha. As they took ordination, many became Arhats. Soon thereafter, the first Buddhist nunnery was established in Shravasti. Shravasti became the central place where Buddhist monasteries and nunneries began to grow. During that time, the Buddha gave the teachings of the Vinaya, Sutra and Abhidharma -- including the Vajrayana teachings. Here, also, Buddha performed great miraculous activities of enlightenment, which inspired hundreds of thousands of devotees to realize enlightenment and Arhathood, and he also subdued the distorted views of the arrogant. In commemoration, a Miracle Stupa was built on the very spot, which is in the same area as the Miracle Stupa at Pema Samye Jetavan. The ruins of this Miracle Stupa still stand majestically as constant reminders of these great events of the life of Lord Buddha.

Because the Jetavan was so important to Buddhism, Ashoka, the greatest king in India's history, erected stone pillars around 260 B.C. to mark the perfect places of Jetavan and define the importance of the area.

The Miracle Stupa for World Peace stands majestically on Shravasti's sacred ground, reaching high up to the heavens. It was completed by the Venerable Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche, the Venerable Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche, and the Sangha members of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center on February 27, 2004. It is outstanding among the monuments in the area, just a short walk from the original Miracle Stupa. The interior of the temple is finished with marble floors and made of the finest stone material available in India today. The Miracle Stupa is intended to last a thousand years, radiating the energy of love and compassion to all beings.

A collection of relics representing Buddha's body, speech, and mind are housed in its core, as well as precious and sacred objects from Tibet and special acupuncture locations across the world.

How you can support the Miracle Stupa

Every year around the time when the Buddha performed great miracles in Shravasti, the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches would like to repaint The Miracle Stupa, raise new prayer flags throughout Padma Samye Jetavan, and place a new shambu banner around the neck of the stupa.

If you would like to contribute to the preservation of this sacred monument, please send your check or money order made payable to "PBC" to:

Padma Samye Ling
Attn: Miracle Stupa
618 Buddha Highway
Sidney Center, NY 13839

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As Buddha Shakyamuni told in the Sutra teachings, if you build a temple or stupa that represents the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, it will bring tremendous merit. Even when it is gone, the dust of this place will continue to generate merit and benefit to all those connected to this project. According to that, we dedicate this merit.

May this virtuous merit advance the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni -- particularly the Nyingma teachings.

May this merit radiate to all donors, supporters and their friends. May all their heartfelt wishes be fulfilled according to bodhicitta and may they have long life, joy, peace, realizations, and good health.

May this merit bring long life and limitless Dharma activities to all the holders of the Buddha's teaching.

May all beings find joy, peace, and the fulfillment of their wishes, and be guided throughout their lifetime by the Three Jewels, and may they all reach Buddhahood.

May the elements become balanced. May there be an end to natural disasters, war, famine, and sickness.

May this world have peace and be blessed with a shining and everlasting Golden Age.