Padmasambhava Buddhist Center (PBC) spreads the teachings of Buddhism accourding to the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. The center was established in New York in 1989 by Venerable Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche. PBC includes over 20 centers in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Russia, as well as monastic institutions in the U.S. and India.

The on-going Dharma projects of Padmasambhava Buddhist Center are:

Padma Samye Jetavan: The Miracle Stupa for World Peace
Padma Samye Jetavan, was dedicated in 2004. It is located in Jetavan Grove in Shravasti, where Buddha Shakyamuni resided and taught for 24 years during the rainy season and performed many miracles for 15 days. The first miracle stupa was erected in commeration of these remarkable displays. However, due to tragedy and invasions, the original stupa was reduced to ruins.

It was the long time wish and lifelong vision of the Venerable Khenpos to restore the magnificence of this holy site. Rising 100 feet into the sky, the Great Miracle Stupa commemorates Lord Buddha's activities in this auspicious location, and is just 5 miles from the original stupa. Intended to last 1,000 years, the rebuilt stupa temple houses a large stone Buddha and is made of the finest materials available in India today.

Managed by one full-time resident monk and an Indian caretaker, the temple is open daily and is a pilgrimage and practice site for many Indians and tourists.

Padma Samye Chokhor Ling Monastery
Padma Samye Chokhor Ling is situated in the holy city of Sarnath, Varanasi, India, where Buddha gave his first teaching on the Four Arya Truths. Due to the significance of the site, the land for the monastery was purchased in 1972 according to the inspiration and blessings of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche. Construction of the monastery was begun in 1990 and officially inaugurated in 1995.

A traditional monastery and retreat center, it is home to 20 monks from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, ranging in age from 9 through 30. The education of the monks consists of learning the basics of reading, writing and grammar as well as study of the philosophical texts. The monks also learn English.

It is the wish of the Venerable Khenpos that it become a study and meditation center for their students and friends of the Dharma from around the world.

Orgyen Samye Chokhor Ling Nunnery
Orgyen Samye Chokhor Ling is the first Buddhist nunnery at historic Deer Park in SarnathIts four acres of land are peppered with fruit trees and flowers, and is a short walk from the monastery. Opened in March 2003, it reflects the Venerable Khenpo's commitment to provide equal educational opportunities for both women and men. At present, there is a two-story house, to which a new wing has almost been completed. This wing includes a shrine room, library, reading and study rooms, as well as better facilities for both the nuns and visitors.

The nunnery now houses 10 nuns, ranging in age from 14 through the mid-30s from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkhim. The two senior nuns are from the same area as the Khenpos (in Tibet) and have both completed at least one traditional three-year retreat.

The education of the nuns is very similar to that of the monks. They first begin with the basics: reading, writing and learning the chants. They all receive a solid academic foundation including grammar, art and English, as well as philosophy and the principles of the Bodhisattva life directly from the Khenpo. But the nuns education also includes the extra component of extensive Chod practice, as they practice Chod every evening.

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