Your contibution, however small or large, will be used to support the Dharma activities of the resident sanghas at Padma Samye Ling, New York and Padma Samye Chokhor Ling and Orgyen Samye Ling in Sarnath, India. We greatly appreciate your support, and are honored to offer prayers and practice on behalf of those whom you love.

With each type of
prayer requested, light offerings will be mainly offered at Padma Samye Chokhor Ling Monastery. Incense will be offered at all three of the Rinpoches' monastic institutions. Prayers will be performed one day, unless you request an additional number of days as the item quantity.

I. Removing Disease and Obstacles
Prayers and mantras of Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Rinpoche, Green Tara, Vajrasattva and other Buddhas.

II. Lighten Karma & Usher through the Bardo
Prayers and mantras of Amitabha, Chenrezig, the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities and others. This practice can be performed for up to 49 consecutive days following a person's passing.

III. Wellbeing & Fulfillment in Life
Prayers and mantras of Guru Rinpoche, Green Tara, Vajrakilaya and others.

IV. Wedding Ceremony & Prayers for Newborn Babies
Prayers and mantras of Amitayus, Manjushri, various Wealth Deities and others.

V. Light Offerings to the Mandala of Palden Padma Samye Ling
Sponsor prayers with over 10,000 light offerings to the mandala of Palden Padma Samye Ling on behalf of your loved ones.

For more extensive practices and ceremonies performed on behalf of loved ones,
please contact Laia or Pema Dragpa at Padma Samye Ling for details. (607) 865-8068