PBC Membership

Padmasambhava Buddhist Center (PBC) is a member-supported organization, and participation is essential to the continuation of its efforts. You're warmly invited to join and become a part of our worldwide Dharma family.

PBC is a community dedicated to spiritual growth. Membership supports the work of the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches and the PBC centers to preserve and spread the lineage teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni and Guru Padmasambhava.

Suggested membership is a minimum of $25 per month, which enables us to maintain and improve PBC, and to send out newsletters and announcements regarding upcoming programs. Members of all PBC Centers receive discounts to the above teachings and retreats.

You can designate your annual membership as:

  • Patron - $1,000 or more
  • Sustaining - $500
  • Family - $480 / $40 per month
  • Regular - $300 / $25 per month

One-time contributions can also be earmarked for specific projects and programs, such as the General PBC fund, the Nunnery or Monastery in Sarnath, India, the Sangha Dana fund at PSL, or the Miracle Stupa at Jetavan Grove in Shravasti, India.

All donations, including membership, are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

Please make checks payable to "PBC" & mail your membership contribution, current mailing address, and other contact information to Padma Samye Ling. A contribution form with more information is available for downloading below.

Thanks for your generosity, devotion, and joyful efforts!

Download membership form