Illuminating the Padma Samye Ling Buddhas and Stupas
and Installing the Four Immeasurable Bhumpas

In the autumn of 2009, we had the wonderful opportunity to install the Eight Great Stupas and statues of the Five Dhyani Buddhas around the main temple at Padma Samye Ling. Due to the generous donations and enthusiastic efforts of many sangha members and friends, this beautiful dream has become a reality for everyone to enjoy.

In the late spring of 2010, we installed four treasure vases beneath the columns at the main entrance of the PSL gonpa that symbolize the four boundless qualities of infinite love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. These hand-carved, stone bhumpas were specifically commissioned by PBC in Indonesia, and are traditionally placed at the entrance to Tibetan Buddhist temples.

For teachings on the meaning of the Four Immeasurables by the Khenpo Rinpoches, click here.

To honor and glorify these living monuments of the Three Jewels, and to celebrate the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni and Guru Padmasambhava, we are planning to install spotlights to illuminate each of the Eight Great Stupas and Five Dhyani Buddhas.

Last year, the Dharmakaya and Sambhogakaya levels of the temple were adorned with thousands of light offerings, and this summer a string of lights will be placed around the ground floor roof of the Nirmanakaya level.

Once all of these light offerings are in place, special events and prayer requests sponsored on behalf of loved ones will activate an incredible offering of over 10,000 lights, sending out beams of praise and gratitude to the Three Jewels, Three Roots, and Three Kayas, radiating wisdom lights of love and compassion to dispel the suffering of all sentient beings. Truly, this will be a magnificent modern light offering to the Three Kaya temple of Padma Samye Ling, which houses thousands of painted deities, Dharma texts, stupas, statues, and precious relics.

If you would like to support the Four Immeasurable Bhumpas or Illuminating the Buddhas and Stupas, please contact Dragpa or Laia by calling Padma Samye Ling (607) 865-8068 or by emailing us. Your donation will continue to radiate offerings and inspire Padma Samye Ling retreatants and visitors now and for years to come.

You can mail a check payable to "PBC" to Padma Samye Ling for your desired amount. Please note which stupa or statue you would like your contribution to illuminate, or which of the four bhumpas you wish to sponsor.

You can also make a donation directly thru Paypal:

Four Immeasurable Bhumpas

Illuminating the Eight Great Stupas

Illuminating the Five Wisdom Buddhas

All donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated!

The bhumpas, stupas, and statues that have already been sponsored are listed below.